Björn Knorr

1978               born in Hirschau, Bavaria, Germany
2001               Dental Technician
2004               Computer Science Expert – Subject Area: Software Development
since 2011     arts and crafts with wood, metal, concrete, wool and other materials





  • 01/2017 Blooms DECO 01/2017 – Der neue Trend: NATUR – concrete dry flower vase
  • 10/2016 DaWanda Lovemag Nr. 9
  • 05/2016 Landhaus Living Mai/Juni 2016 – “Mix & Match mit Materialien” – concrete dry flower vase
  • 12/2015 Grün-Magazin 8/2015 – „Gemütlich mit Holz“ – concrete dry flower vase
  • 08/2015 DaWanda Lovebook Winter 2015/2016




My Objects

In my shop I’m crafting useful things like bowls, jewelry and interior accessories. Also I’m making artistic works like sculptures and objects. It’s a smooth transition between these both worlds. In many of my works I’m enjoying to use a mix of different materials.